• Join the Social Commerce Revolution

    VENDE is the revolutionary new social e-commerce app that let you sell products and earn commissions via your social networks!

  • Harness the power of Social Media to Generate Income

    Wide range of products

    Wide range of Products

    Choose from a wide variety of products from Vende pre-qualified Suppliers.


    Are you a Coffee Lover that has a network of like-minded enthusiasts to promote to? Or a budding fashionista who people look to for fashion advice? Vende have products to fit all interests and networks!



    Earn by social networking

    Earn by Social Networking

    Turn your social networks into a powerful sales channel. Start promoting products by doing what you love - social networking and chatting!


    Vende supports sharing via all social networks, chatting apps and even SMS.

    Business in a box

    Business in a Box

    No capital needed to start. Vende is completely FREE to use.


    You won't even need to purchase inventory. Vende will deliver the products directly to the customer and credit you with your commissions when an order is placed. Just sit back and watch your Vende account balance grow!

    Zero logistical nightmares

    ZERO Logistical Nightmares

    Vende take care of everything from processing your transactions, delivery and even customer service. Vende supports both electronic and cash on delivery payments.


    No hassles, no logistical challenges to deal with. So you can focus on what you do best, recommending products!

  • Quality products, quality suppliers

    Quality Products, Quality Suppliers

    All Vende Suppliers are pre-qualified to ensure that products and services listed on Vende app meet Vende rigorous standards.


    Select your favourite products from Vende and start recommending them now!

    Share and earn

    Share and Earn

    Vende's innovative technology embeds a unique tracker into your selected social media posts. Clicking on this Vende enabled post takes you directly to a transaction page to purchase the underlying product being promoted.


    Vende also supports chatting apps like Whatsapp and Viber. Even SMS is supported, for when you are having trouble connecting to the internet.

    Grow and access your account

    Grow and access your account

    Log into your account anytime to track how much you've earnt in Vende. Withdraw your Vende earnings through multiple methods, including bank transfer.


    From time to time, Vende will run bonus campaigns to accelerate your earnings. Join Vende now and start earning today!

  • Testimonial

    What our users say about Vende

    "I am really looking forward to be part of Vende's success. I will soon resign to my current company and needed a source of income while looking for another job opportunity... that's why I'm very eager to push your products to my target market."

    "Love it! This is the kind of app that I have been looking for! It's a fun way to earn extra bucks just by a few simple taps! I'm excited! 🙌👍😀"

    "Awesome and user friendly app!! You can earn commission here~ download it now!!"

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